Dive 1609 JBox at Eastern Caldera

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The medium-power J-Box (MJ03E) was deployed during this dive at the Eastern Caldera site, which is located ~ 600 m southeast of the Primary Node 3B. The J-Box was landed in an area of low- to moderate-relief lobate flows with a few pillows. During the dive, ROPOS connected a ~ 600 m electro-optical cable running from near PN3B to the J-Box in port 1, which had been laid on a previous dive. ROPOS cleaned up the area a bit by storing the flange box under MJ03E. ROPOS then imaged the surrounding seafloor, including a small collapse zone. There is a fair amount of marine snow in this area, as seen when ROPOS starts its return to the surface. This material rains down from the shallow surface waters, with some contribution from hydrothermal plume material in the caldera. Video credit: OOI-NSF/UW/CSSF


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