Dive 1610 Eastern Caldera Dive Ended

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The goal of dive 1610 was to deploy 1262 m of electrical extension cable (ECALW7) from the medium power J-Box, MJ03E, to an area north of the J-Box. On a follow-on dive, a short-period seismometer will be deployed at the end of this cable as part of a network to detect earthquakes in real-time in the volcano. ROPOS descended to the seafloor near this site and unlatched the remotely operated cable laying system (ROCLS) from the vehicle's underbelly. ROPOS examined the cable in preparation for removing the section of cable on the front 'horns' of ROCLS, which hold cable splayed in a figure-8 fashion, and the wet-mate connector. Upon inspection of an oil-filled hose that is part of the cable termination, it was found that this section lacked oil. The dive was ended, ROPOS relatched into ROCLS and brought the system to the surface. This section of hose was filled on deck, and the cable was deployed successfully on a follow-on dive. Video credit: OOI-NSF/UW/CSSF


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