Dive 1611 Laying cable SE of Eastern Caldera

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This dive installed 581 m (1906 ft; ECALW3) of electrical extension cable from the medium-power junction box, MJ03E, SE to a final deployment site for a short-period seismometer. The dive started at MJ03E, with deployment of ROCLS on the low-relief, lobate covered seafloor. ROPOS removed the cable termination assembly and wet mate connector, and plugged the cable into MJ03E, securing it with a strain-relief line. At the end of the cable installation, ROPOS unlatched from ROCLS, pulled the pins to release the flange box holding the other wet-mate connector, and gave the box a gentle nudge to the seafloor. The box released easily, but near a small collapse zone, so ROPOS moved it away from this area for safety. Inspection showed good slack, but that the cable had been deployed over a few small collapse zones. It is unlikely, however, that the cable will chaff against the edges of the collapse zone with this amount of slack. 

Video credit: OOI-NSF/UW/CSSF


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