Dive R1751 Highlights Slope Base Broadband

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Dive R1751 was at the Slope Base Site. During the dive, the broadband seismometer OBSBKA101 and low frequency hydrophone HYDLFA101 were installed. The 25 m extension cable running from the broadband to the Medium Powered J-Box MJ01A was connected to port J5. The current meter VEL3DB101 and pressure sensor (PRESTA101) were moved to their final positions and the extension cable (RS01W6) from LV01A to Primary Node PN1A (SP2 port) was connecte. The extension cable RS01W5 from MJ01A was connected to the Primary Node PN1A-SP3 port. Video credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive R1751; V14.  


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