Dive R1779 Highlights Southern Hydrate Ridge

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During Dive R1779 at Southern Hydrate Ridge, ROPOS installed the 267 m cable (RS01W8) and connected MJ01B to LV01B. ROPOS connected junction boxes LV01B and LJ01B, and then connected all three short-period seismometers, moved the pressure sensor to its final position and plugged it into LJ01B, installed the broadband seismometer (OBSSPA103) in the caisson (still need to fill it with beads), and connected it to LJ01B. The dive ended with a sight-seeing tour of the Pinnacle. Two Niskin bottles were fired near the south end of the pinnacle by an area with very localized mats on the pinnacle. The tool basket was recovered.Video credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive R1779; V14.  


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