Dive R1792 Highlights Endurance 80 m Site

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ROPOS Dive 1792 was at the Oregon Shelf Site at 80 m that is part of the Endurance Array. ROPOS installed the zooplankton instrument (ZPLSC) with the cable to seafloor. The cable was not long enough (19 m instead of 25 m), so the sonar frame was moved closer to the medium powered junction box MJ01C. The sonar cable was connected to MJ01C. The calibration sphere for the ZPLSC was released, but the float broke away immediately. The digital still camera (CAMDS) was moved to its final position to better observe the area around Benthic Experiment Platform (BEP). The hydrophone (HYDBB) tripod initially mounted on the BEP for deployment, was moved to its final position and uncapped. The area around the BEP was cleaned up, the doors were closed, and the horns retrieved. Video credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive R1792; V14.


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