Dive R1836 Highlights International District Field

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During ROPOS Dive R1836, both the TRHPHA301 and THSPHA301 installed in 2014 were recovered in the tool sled under ROPOS. An IGT fluid-gas sample was taken at the hydrothermal chimneys Diva (280°C) and Escargot (278°C). The 2014 vent cap was righted onto the summit of El Gordo, and allowed to equilibrate. A fluid and DNA sample, respectively were  taken by the RAS-PPS through communications from the Ops Center at the UW. A temperature of 48-50°C was measured during this operation. The RAS-PPS was moved away from El Gordo for follow-on release/recovery the next dive. Credit: NSF-OOI/UW/ISS; V15.


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