R1719 Dive Highlights International District Field

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International District hydrothermal Field 1: The tool basket was used below the ROV ROPOS to take the short-period seismometer down to the seafloor (OBSSPA305). The seismometer was installed and connected to the MJ03D junction box. This site will contain an array of geophysical sensors to monitor magma migration withn the volcano, seismic activity, and inflation and deflation of the seafloor.

A detailed survey of El Gordo was completed to pick final installation targets for the RAS-PPS, Digital Still Camera, and Mass Spec. The dive ended with a survey of the Eastern Caldera site to pick a final target for installing the broadband seismometer at this site (OBSSBA302). VIdeo Credit.NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive R1719; V14. (02:40)


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