Burial Assessment Survey Complete

Monday, May 17, 2010
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Report from Brian Ittig, RSN Marine Operations Manager
The RSN burial and assessment survey (BAS) began on April 28, 2010 aboard the R/V Mt. Mitchell after completion of the marine geophysical route survey. Objectives of the BAS were to determine the suitability of the proposed cable route for the installation and burial of the RSN in-water primary infrastructure and to ground truth the geophysical data interpretation. Tools used included a mini cone penetration test system, gravity core sampler, and a grab sampler.

The BAS provided the information needed to accomplish the following:

a) estimate sediment density and shear strength to predict burial depths along the cable route

b) determine most appropriate burial methods

c) determine planned positions for burial plow maintenance, and

d) predict cable-laying ship towing tensions and other associated system installation requirements.

The BAS was completed on May 12, 2010. Approximately 80 cone penetration operations were completed and 31 sediment samples were taken by the RSN survey team.