Day Seven

Matt and Brendan lowering a CTD into the water

Day Seven

During my shift I took some photo mosaics of Inferno, Mushroom, and … can’t remember the last one. In those four hours, Allison was so sweet and got me tea while she had gotten everyone else coffee.

In the afternoon, we picked strings again to see who would go into the small boat to see ROPOS come up. Well first round Martha got the long string, then second round Cody got the long string, then third round Matt got a long string. Allison reassured me that there will be another boat ride later this week. I hope so!

I have become well in demand for decorating cups! Cathy first wanted my to draw an octopus on part of hers, then later Leslie asked me if I could decorate a whole cup for her. Cody (Turner) told me that I should start charging.

Later in the evening, I was having an ‘I Love Lucy’ moment with the chlorophyll filtering.The funnel was going really fast and trying to keep up to keep the filter paper dry, I accidentally spilt some of the water for my sample. Cathy helped me through the process and I tried it again on a different funnel- way better pace!!!