Fluorescence Sensor V14

The fluorescence sensor measures the chlorophyll pigment fluorescence, which is a proxy for the concentration of phytoplankton in the ocean.  Phytoplankton are the small single celled plants in the ocean and form the base of the food chain.  All plants on Earth contain chlorophyll pigments, which absorb light and harvest energy for photosynthesis.  Approximately 3% -9% of the light energy absorbed by chlorophyll pigments is re-emitted from the first excited state as fluorescence (emitted at 683 nm).  This emitted light is measured by the fluorescence sensor.

During VISIONS '14, fluroescence sensors are expected to be installed on the shallow profilers at Slope Base (SF01A), Axial Base (SF03A), and at the Endurance Array offshore site as well as at the 200m Slope Base and Axial Base platforms.