Julie Nelson

Julie Leading CTD Operations

I am a tenured faculty member and Chair of the Science Department in the Math/Science Division of Grays Harbor College, a small community college located in Aberdeen, WA.  I teach Introductory Chemistry for Health Science majors as well as the sophomore Organic Chemistry Series here at Grays Harbor.  I have had the good fortune to have participated in Visions since 2013. I am enjoying this journey and the prospect of adapting some aspects of the research performed here to some laboratory experiments performed in the chemistry courses that I teach.

In addition to teaching at Grays Harbor College, I have formed a partnership with Stevens Elementary School in Aberdeen.  They are a STEM school, and are working very hard at incorporating more Science, Math and Technology in their classrooms.  I have partnered with the 6th grade teachers and have those students come up to the college to perform chemistry experiments with my Introductory Chemistry Students each Spring Quarter.  This has been extremely beneficial to both the college students and the elementary school students.

The outdoors, water environs especially, has always been my favorite environment.  I enjoy fishing, and camping and just being on or around the water.  The ocean is such an amazing place.

In addition to incorporating experiments in my courses, I am serving as an informational ambassador for the Ocean Observatories Initiative in the community.  I have given several presentations on campus, to the business community through a Rotary Club presentation, and to the community at large through a presentation to a PEO Sisterhood.