My Sister of the Sea

Shrunken head

Ann Kelley Gridley

She travels home
over the waves
calm or angry passage
blue sky or grey
it matters not
she is at sea
Her eyes sparkle
her spirit arises
free of land
and all its constraints
Heading home
with people she loves
kindred spirits of the deep
and, future children of the sea
they will learn her passion
She, a pioneer of the deep
welcoming all who seek this world
Home beckons
the abyss
old friends
Finn, Phang, Gwenden, Roane
creatures of the deep
treasures few have seen
new frontiers yet unknown
She soars
courage to dare
trust her intuition
free to be
joy of home
As night falls
she settles into sleep
her cave cabin
no windows
gently rocked to sleep
at sea
My sister of the sea.

This poem was written and contributed by Chief Scientist Deb Kelley's sister, Ann Kelley Gridley.