OMS Deployment

Saturday, October 23, 2010
RSN OMS Deployment
OMS Deployment

Pre-deployment of Observatory Management System at the RSN Shore Station. Boxes open and ready to start.

The first of four annual planned releases of the Observatory Management System (OMS) for the Regional Scale Nodes was successfully deployed at the RSN Shore Station in Pacific City, Oregon, on October 21, 2010. The OMS will monitor and control all of the infrastructure components that provide power and communications from the Shore Station to the instruments at cabled sites on the RSN network. OMS Project Lead Derrick Côté, RSN System Engineer Chuck McGuire, and OMS Development Engineer Matthew Milcic made up the team that handled the deployment.

This initial deployment is the successful culmination of the first full year of OMS development and highlights the technology framework selection for the OMS implementation as well as demonstrating the secure network model, remote access/control capabilities, and a monitoring suite of capabilities. During OMS Year 2 Development, the shore station installation will serve as a test bed to help evaluate and demonstrate technologies and capabilities.