Optical Attenuation Sensor V16

CTD tripod at Axial Base
Optical attenuation sensor

A picture of the optical attenuation sensor attached to junction box LJ01A, prior to deployment at the Slope Base site.

Photo Credit: Kendra Daly, USF

Optical absorption and attenuation instruments allows total scattering to be derived for living and detrital particles in the ocean. This model is the WET Labs AC-S instrument.

During VISIONS '14, optical attenuation sensors were installed at the Axial mooring (LJ03A) and on the Axial deep (DP03A) and shallow (SF01A) water profilers, the Slope Base (LJ01A) and Slope Base deep (DP01A) and shallow (SF01A) water profilers, as well as on the Endurance offshore (LJ01C)  and nearshore shelf (LJ01D) benthic packages, and the Endurance offshore shallow profiler (SF01B).