Primary Node 1A Powered Up on Deck

Friday, July 13, 2012
Primary Node 1A  on deck of ship
Primary Nodes on deck of ship in Portland Oregon

Primary nodes sitting on deck of the TE SubCom Dependable in Astoria, Oregon, prior to the start of the node installation cruise.

--Photo by Cecile Durand

OOI personnel at the shore station in Pacific City, Oregon, are actively involved in node installation. They are monitoring activities as the system is powered on and off during ship-based tests and deployments. Mike Harrington, OOI RSN Senior Engineer, reports from the shore station.

This morning L-3 MariPro powered up Primary Node 1A (PN1A) that was connected to the shore station through 208km of cable and one repeater. (Photo above shows the node that was tested today.) The Primary Node is on the deck of the TE SubCom Dependable and is connected to the cable through test splices so that everything can be tested before the final splices, which can take up to 8 hours per splice, are made.

All node and communication systems performed as designed. This is a big step for the program. The next exciting test will be in about 48 hours when, after making the final splices and after more testing is completed, this Node will be lowered to the seafloor to its resting spot for the next 25 years.

--Mike Harrington, OOI RSN Senior Engineer