Remote Access Fluid and DNA Sampler V14

Instruments at International District 1
RAS and PPS at Hulk

This remote fluid access (RAS) and DNA sampler was deployed at the massive black smoker edifice called Hulk in the Main Endeavour Hydrothermal Field. The green lasers are 10 cm apart.

The RAS (Remote Access Sampler) allows time-series temperature measurement in real-time and in situ sampling of hydrothermal vent fluids, while the PPS (Phytoplankton Sampler) allows filtering and preservation of microbial DNA. Thanks to two-way communication via the cabled network, sample bottles can be triggered from shore in response to volcanic or tectonic events.

During Leg 1 of the VISIONS '14 expedition, the RAS-PPS samplers were installed iInternational District 1 Site (MJ03C) in the Axial Caldera.


Remote access fluid and DNA sampler Overview