Remote Access Fluid and DNA Sampler V15

Instruments at International District 1
Preparing the RAS PPS for International District

Giora Proskurowski, a Project Scientist with the UW RSN Team, prepares a Remote Access Fluid Sampler (front) and microbial DNA sampler for installation in a diffuse flow site at the vent called 'El Gordo' in the International District hydrothermal field. The instrument is designed by Dr. David Butterfiled and NOAA-PMEL and the UW. Image Credit: Mitch Elend, University of Washington; V14.

The RAS (Remote Access Sampler) allows time-series temperature measurement in real-time and in situ sampling of hydrothermal vent fluids, while the PPS (Phytoplankton Sampler) allows filtering and preservation of microbial DNA. Thanks to two-way communication via the cabled network, sample bottles can be triggered from shore in response to volcanic or tectonic events.

During Leg 1 of the VISIONS '14 expedition, the RAS-PPS samplers were installed at International District 1 Site (MJ03C) in the Axial Caldera, pictured above with the mass spectrometer and digital still camera.