Short-Period Ocean-Bottom Seismometer

Short Period Seismometer Deployed

Short-period ocean-bottom seismometers (OBSSP) detect vibrations from small earthquakes ranging from 0.1 Hz to 100 Hz.  These earthquakes are caused by local phenomena, such as melt movement beneath Axial Seamount and upward flow of hydrothermal fluids in the conduits that feed the black smoker chimneys. These instruments enable imaging of the seismic energy traveling through the seafloor.

 Five short period seismometers are now installed at the summit of Axial Volcano at the Eastern Caldera subsite (MJ03E), and near the ASHES (MJ03B) hydrothermal field, and Central Caldera, and at the International District Hydrothermal Field (MJ03D).

Three short-period ocean-bottom seismometers are installed at Southern Hydrate Ridge Summit (LJ01B) off of Newport Oregon.

All instruments are streaming data live to IRIS (Incorporated Research Institutions for Seismology) are available to the public. Daily and hourly updates on the number of earthquakes occuring at Axial Seamount can be accessed through Dr. William Wilcock's web site.