Turbulent Flow Current Meter (VELD3)

Current Meter Installed at International District

A current meter (tripod with red legs) measures local currents and temperature. When deployed in conjunction with a nearby broadband seismometer, current meters can provide important data for processing of seismic information. Local currents can induce "noise" into the acoustic signal and current meter data allows filtering of this "noise." The Cabled Array's VELD3 turbulent flow current meter measures how seawater mixes at the small scale. This behavior is important in understanding how heat, mass, and momentum are transported through the ocean.

During VISIONS '14, current meters were installed at Axial Base (MJ03A), the International District in the Axial caldera (MJ03D), Slope Base (MJ01A), Southern Hydrate Ridge Sunmmit 1 (LJ01B), in the Endurance Offshore Benthic Package (LJ01C), the Endurance Nearshore Shelf Benthic Package (LJ01D), and on multiple deep (DP03A, DPO1A, DPO1B) and shallow (SF03A, SF01A, SF01B) profiler subsystems.