Shallow Profiler V16

Shallow Water Profiler

Since summer 2015, the three profilers have made >7000 trips through the water column taking continuous measurements

Shallow Profiler Operating

Since the late summer, 2015, each of the three cabled Shallow Profiler Mooring winched science pods have made >7000 cycles from 600 ft water depth to just beneath the oceans' surface. Real-time command and control of these systems through the Internet provides response capabilites such that the science pods can be stopped to take key measurements in response to events that include the passing over of biologically-rich thin layers. Credit: University of Washington, NSF-OOI/ROPOS, V15.

The state-of-the-art Shallow Profiler mooring features a two-legged system that terminates at a 200-m Platform. The 12 ft across, 7 ton platform hosts an instrumented winched Shallow Profiler that travels from 200 m to just below the ocean's surface and a second instrument pod that is stationary on the platform.

The 200-m Platform instruments include the following: pH, Broadband Hydrophone, Fluorometer, CTD, Dissolved Oxygen, 5-beam ADCP, Digital Still Camera, and a 150-kHz ADCP

The Shallow Profiler instruments include the following: CTD, Dissolved Oxygen, Nitrate, pH, Optical Attenuation, Spectral Irradiance, Photosynthetically Active Radiation, Fluorometer - 3 wavelengths, and a Current Meter.

The Shallow Profilers were installed during VISIONS '14 and are each paired with the Deep Profiler and a Seafloor Instrument Array at three study sites: at the base of the Cascadia Margin (Slope Base), in shallower waters along the Oregon margin west of Newport (Endurance Offshore Site), and at the base of Axial Seamount.