Deep Profiler Mooring V18

DP at Axial Base docked

The cabled Deep Profiler vertical moorings host an instrumented Mclane profiler vehicle modified by the UW Applied Physics Laboratory for enhanced capabilities on the Cabled Array. The vehicle houses a suite of instruments to measure ocean properties from ~2900 m to ~ 150 m water depth. Power and data transfer are provided via an inductive couple, augmented by WiFi capabilities for lower data rate transfers. The following instruments are included on the Deep Profiler: CTD, Dissolved Oxygen, 3-D Single Point Current Meter -Temperature, and Fluorometers (CDOM, Chlorophyll-a, Optical Backscatter).

There are three Deep Profiler Vertical Moorings on the Cabled Array. They are each paired with a Shallow Profiler Mooring and a Seafloor Instrument Array. Two are currently installed at the base of the Cascadia Margin (Slope Base -PN1A) and in shallower waters along the Oregon margin west of Newport (Endurance Array Offshore Site  - 600 m). During the VISIONS'18 cruise, we will turn two of the already deployed moorings, and install an additional one near the base of Axial Seamount near PN3A (~2700 m).