Roger Revelle V18

Eye in the Sky View of the Roger Revelle

The Regional Cabled Array OOI-NSF VISIONS'18 cruise will utilize the research ship the R/V Roger Revelle operated by Scripps Institution of Oceanograpy. The Revelle is a sister ship to the UW-operated R/V Thomas G. Thompson. The Cabled Array team used the E/V Revelle last year for the maintenance cruise, so the team will feel very at home this year. The Revelle is an AGOR 24, global class oceanographic vessel (273 ft in length) that will house up to 34 members of the Cabled Array team, including scientists, engineers, students and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution Jason team. It includes 21 crew, which will be integral to helping to getting our work done and we very much look forward to sailing with them. Similar to the R/V Thompson, the ship will steam at ~ 10-11 knots to the work sites, the farthest of which is Axial Seamount - a transit time from Newport, Oregon of ~ 21 hours. The Revelle was built in 1996 and delivered to the Office of Naval Research with operations transferred to Scripps.