Short-Period Ocean-Bottom Seismometer 2013

Short Period Seismometer Deployed

Detecting Local Vibrations

Short-period Seismometer at Mothra

Short-period seismometers provide real-time information on earthquakes at mid-ocean ridges. In 2003, an array of seismometers was deployed on the Endeavour Segment of the Juan de Fuca Ridge, north of Axial Seamount. The one shown here, was deployed inside a borehole in a pillow basalt in the Mothra Hydrothermal Field, providing better coupling to the seafloor. This project was funded by the W.M. Keck Foundation.

Axial Caldera Image

Axial Caldera Image

During the VISIONS'13 expedition, OBSSP instruments were deployed, powered up and fully tested at the summit of Axial Volcano at the Eastern Caldera subsite (MJ03E), and near the ASHES (MJ03B) hydrothermal field. In 2014, additional short-period seismometers will be deployed at the International District vent field (MJ03D).

The testing was highly successful and resulted in the real-time detection of earthquakes during these events. For example, on July 27, several earthquakes were detected within the caldera. The seismic data were streamed live over the Internet - see Earthquake Data!

Short-Period Ocean-Bottom Seismometer Overview