Dive R1742 Highlights Axial Base Deep Profiler

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Axial Base: This dive focused on connecting the 1852 m cable (AXVMW4) running from the Low Votage Node LV03A to the Deep Profiler vertical mooring at the base of Axial Seamount, near Primary Node PN3A.  The modified McLane Profiler approached the base of the mooring, and docked with the docking station to download data it had previously collected. ROPOS transited near PN3A, and connected the extension cable running from junction box LV03A (RS03W4) into the RSN/ROPOS interface box to test communications with the McLane Profiler, and also to download engineering and science data that it had collected. The cable was then connected into Primary Node PN3A. A large white octopus came to "visit" during this operation. The AXVMW4 cable was reconnected into the LV03A junction box at the end of the dive, and a beacon was removed from a large float at the top of the Deep Profiler Mooring priory to recovery of ROPOS.


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