At-Sea Immersion Program

Leg 2 Science Party
Leaving Port

UW undergraduate students Adrian Rembold and Cody Turner enjoy the view as the Thompson pulls out of port in Newport, OR. (photo by Martha James) 

Gas Analyses of Hydrothermal Vent Fluids

Brendan and Giora analyze gases in hydrothermal fluids from the chimneys called 'Diva' and 'Escargo' in the International District Hydrothermal Field on Axial Volcano. The fluids are sampled using highly specialized tiranium water samplers to collect 'gas tight' samples, and analyzed onboard the Thompson using a gas chromatograph. Photo Credit: Deborah Kelley, University of Washington.

Students at Sea

For over two decades, the University of Washington (UW) has enabled at-sea experiences for undergraduate and graduate students through research cruise participation. The UW has continued its commitment to providing 15 days per year of ship time on the 274' global class R/V Thomas G. Thompson to the UW-led component of  Ocean Observatories Initiative program. During each cruise, undergraduate and graduate students work alongside researchers, engineers, and the ship's crew to learn aspects of seagoing research, ship operations, and life aboard an oceanographic research vessel. Visit the Expeditions link on this website for past cruises in which students have participated. During the VISIONS'13 Expedition, 20 undergraduate and graduate students participated in this experiential learning program.

Teachers at Sea

The UW also has a history of providing at-sea experiences for K-12 and community college teachers. Over 80 teachers participated in the Research and Education: Volcanoes, Exploration, and Life (REVEL) program, a professional development program for science teachers across the nation. The REVEL project provided teachers an opportunity to engage in science by pursuing cutting-edge research alongside scientists at sea.