Dive R1795 Highlights International District

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ROPOS Dive 1795 occurred within Axial Caldera at the International District Hydrothermal Field. During the dive, ROPOS moved two instrument probes (TRHPH and THSPH already on seafloor) to their final locations in hydrothermal vents. The THSPH instrument that includes H2S, temperature and pH, was installed in the Diva vent. The TRHPH that measures resistivity and temperature was moved from its temporary location at the medium powered junction box MJ03C to the Escargot vent. Temperatures and gases were collected from Diva and Escargot using Gas Tight samplers. Niskin water bottle samples and two microbial squeeze samplers were also collected at El Gordo. Video credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive R1795; V14.


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