Dive R1765 Highlights Southern Hydrate Ridge

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During this dive at the summit of Southern Hydrate Ridge the junction box LV01B was temporatily deployed ~ 50 m north of a site where the end of a 10 km extension cable will be installed. The actively venting seep Grotto was surveyed for final placement of a digital still camera on a follow-on dive. Grotto was actively venting. The Neptunea snail field was visited briefly. The ROV transited NW to the location of the broadband caisson, and on the way a carbonate rock sample was recovered. Upon reaching the broadband caisson, the ROPOS turned south on a 190° heading for a 500 m long survey of the 10 km cable route. Video credit: NSF-OOI/UW/CSSF; Dive R1765; V14.


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