Second OOI Cable Landed

Friday, July 15, 2011
Work site at second cable landing July 15 2011
Swivel on cable

The swivel shown here connects the winch wire to the undersea cable pulled through the conduit.

--Photo courtesy of David Muerdter

Visitors attracted by the second cable landing

Mom and baby wandered by to take a look at operations during the landing of the second OOI cable.

--Photo courtesy of David Muerdter

The second OOI cable was landed today at Pacific City at 9:13 am PST. The cable landed today is for the northern segment that will run 310 miles offshore to Axial Seamount. Although the excitement surrounding this second landing was not as palpable as for the first on Tuesday, the operation went smoothly and the result is just as important.

--Nancy Penrose, OOI Communications Coordinator, University of Washington, on shore in Pacific City.